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Career Opportunities

Corporate Culture


  Flat organizational structure with high staff independency

  Stimulate professional skills and competencies, enhance job satisfaction

  Foster the communications among different levels

  Emphasis on training and development


Remuneration Packages 

  We offer attractive remuneration packages, including:

  Medical coverage

  Life and personal accident insurance

  Paid leaves such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc.

  Pension plans

  Year-end bonus

  Allowances including meal, transportation, etc.

  Performance bonus

  Birthday and festival gifts

  Training subsidies


Training and Communications

We encourage our staff to continuously enhance their knowledge and professionalism. In-house trainings such as products, compliance and Putonghua training courses are provided regularly. Staff are also offered sponsorship and subsidies to attend courses and seminars in order to enhance their professional knowledge and catch up with market updates.
We take initiatives to promote staff sense of belonging and job achievement. Staff with outstanding performance are rewarded with extra bonus while those who have great contributions will be given promotion opportunities. When job vacancy arises, internal candidate will be first considered before external recruitment.


To enhance internal communications, team-building activities such as group outings and luncheons are organized regularly. Our company intranet also serves as a means to promote better cooperation and communications among different departments and staff. In addition, we provide channel of handling staff grievances and complaints if there is dissatisfaction and problem. If you are interested in joining a company with strong background and ample opportunities for development, if you like challenges and seek for job satisfaction, Agricultural Bank of China Hong Kong Branch is your choice. Please visit the Job Vacancy Section in our website for more details. Seek this opportunity to grow your brighter future !

Job Vacancy